SMS Jokes 71-80

71:-) Why does a Sardar keep empty beer bottles in his fridge? They´re there for those who don´t drink!

72:-( Why do Sardars have see-through lunch box lids? So that when they´re on the train they can tell if they´re going to work or coming home!

73;-) How do you recognize a sardar in school? They are the ones who erase their notebooks when the teacher erases the blackboard!

74:-D Somebody asked a sardarji: Akal badi ki bhains? Sardarji thought for a while and said: Pehle donnm ki date of birth bata!

75:-l Sardarji sote waqt 2 glass rakhte hain. Ek mein paani aur ek khaali. Why? Socho….. Kyunki pyaas lag bhi sakti hai aur nahi bhi!

76:-) SANTA: Marte waqt admi ke muh mein kya dalna chahiye? BANTA: BIRLA cement. SANTA: Kyon? BANTA:Kyunki is cement mein jaan hai!

77:-( Q: How wilk you destroy a submarine full of sardars? A: Just knock and they open the door!

78;-) Santa and Banta are sitting in a coffee house. SANTA: Drink your coffee quickly. BANTA: Why? SANTA: Idiot! Didn’t you read the menu? Hot coffee is Rs 20 and cold coffee is Rs 40!

79:-D Sardar was giving speech to deaf people. He rubbed his chest, touched his groin and started to masturbate. When asked, he said: It means – Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure!

80:-l Sanskrit teacher asked: What is the meaning of TAMASO MB JYOTIRGAMAYI? Sardar said: Tu so ja maa, main Jyoti ke ghar chala!