SMS Jokes 81-90

81:-) ‘ Please, can you lend me Rs. 2000? I will return it day after tomorrow. I badly need it. I know you have it. Please help me out. Please…. Sardar talking to ATM machine!

82:-( BANTA: I have invented a new kind of computer that behaves like humans. SANTA: In what way? BANTA: Whenever it makes a mistake, it blames other computers!

83;-) SANTA: Broken off ur engagement? BANTA: She would not have me. SANTA: Didn’t you tell her about ur rich uncle? BANTA: I did, she is my aunt now!

84:-l Banto took her son to the principal : Sir, he thinks a lot about things but when it comes to work, he does nothing. What should we do for his career? Principal replied : Get him to apply for a job in the planning commission!

85:-D Santa’s daughter was taken to the delivery room. Santa waited outside anxiously. A few min later the nurse came out. Santa rushed to her and inquired : Sister, am I a grandfather or a grandmother?

86:-) SANTO : My husband told me that I was the 8th wonder of the world. BANTO : What did you say then? SANTO : I warned him not to ever let me catch him with any 6f the other 7!

87:-( Banta and Banto had I bitter quarrel and were yelling at each other. BANTA : What do u think I am? U treat me like a dog. BANTO: I dont look upon u as a dog but for God’s sake stop barking at me!

88;-) Santo took her 10yr old son to doctor : He has a urinary problem. He passes urine at 7 am. DOCTOR : Then what’s the problem? SANTO : He gets up only at 8 am!

89:-D SANTA : your father is a teacher but ur sister doesn’t even know how to read a letter. BANTA : So what? Your father is a dentist but ur little brother doesn’t even have a single tooth!

90:-l On his first trip to NY, Santa was assaulted by 2 muggers. He faught back tooth and nail but was overpowered. They searched his pockets : You fought like that for 50 cents? SANTA : Is that all u wanted? I thought u were after the $400 in my shoe!