Friday, July 1, 2022

Friendship Shayari, Status & Quotes

Have you ever given a thought on what is Friendship? From where do we find this friendship? How come a completely strange person one day becomes our best friend or best friend forever?

If not yet then I have an answer that “FRIENDSHIP” comes from heaven and celebrated & made by us on earth. Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations in this whole world, where we can proudly say that I have someone to discuss any issues. You can feel special in the presence and care of someone who is not even your blood relation and that is a person known as FRIEND. A friend is a one who guides you, correct you, care for you, fight for you, and loves you besides your any sort of mood at the moment.

A Friend is one who never lets you down. He stands by you, with you and for you in all odd situations. A Friend is a one who will be there to share your joy & happiness and will be there for you to provide a shoulder & hand in your sad moments.


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