SMS Jokes 21-30

21:-) Doctor to sardar: Aapka aur aapki biwi ka blood group ek hi hai.Sardar: Zaroor hoga,25 saal se mera khoon jo pi rahi hai!

22:-( Santa your son is dead! Hearing this, the sad sardar jumps from the 50th floor. At the 35th floor, he realises that he doesn´t have a son. At 20th floor,that he isn´t married. At 3rd floor: Shit,I´m Banta!

23;-) A sardar has pulled out six people from a burning house but still was in jail. Why? Because all the six were fire-brigade staff!

24:-D A sardar wanted twins. So what did he do? He made two holes in the condom!

25:-l A sardar sitting in a pub saw a sexy blonde but the barmen said she was a lesbian. Sardar said: No problem. He walked to her and asked: So, where do you live in Lesbia?!

26:-) How can a sardar kill a lion? Sardar thinks, thinks hard and comes to a conclusion: I will drink poison and then let the lion eat me!

27:-( In a sardar´s garment store, one day a customer comes in and says: Bhaisaab, underwear dikhana zara. Sardar: Oye, sorry yaar, aaj pehana nahin!

28;-) Sardar was sitting and thinking hard. Sardarni asked: Kya soch rahe ho? Sardar: Yeh STAR TV walonko kaise pata chalta hai? Sardarni: Kya? Sardar: Aap dekh rahe hai STAR PLUS!

29:-D Sardar went to STD/ISD/PCO shop and slapped the operator twice. Because there was written: Number dial karne se pehle 2 lagao!

30:-l Sardar sees front side of a girl´s T-Shirt that reads: HANDLE WITH CARE. Next day sardar wears jeans and writes: CANDLE WITH HAIR!