SMS Jokes 31-40

31:-) Once someone sent a SMS to a sardar : Bhejanewala mahan padhanewala gadha. Sardar got angry and replied : Bhejanewala gadha padhanewala mahan!

32:-( Sardarji was dancing with a beautiful blonde in a night-club in New York. He whispered to her: I love you. She smiled and said: I love you too. Sardar thought for a while and then whispered to her: I love you three!

33;-) Great inventions planned by Profs Santa Singh and Banta Singh 1. Waterproof towel 2. Solar powered flashlight 3. Inflatable dart board 4. A dictionary index 5. Ejector seat in a helicopter 6. A book on how to read 7. Pedal powered wheelchair 8. Waterproof teabag 9. Powdered water 10. Submarine screen door!

34:-D What is the height of foolishness? A woman bathing in a bathroom with transparent door and a sardar looking through the keyhole!

35:-l Sardar was shopping in a store. SALESMAN: Sir, would you like to use a pocket calculator? SARDAR: No thanks. I know how many pockets I have!

36:-) SANTA: My wife has left me. BANTA: You must not be taking good care of her. SANTA: Arre yaar, sagi behan ki tarah rakhta tha usko!

37:-( BANTA: I am standing for elections. My symbol will be a donkey. SANTA: Banta, there should be some differerence between you and your election symbol!

38:-l SANTA: How do you account for your recent defeat in polls? BANTA: I was a victim. SANTA: Of what? BANTA: Of acurate counting!

39;-) Banta scolded his son: You are a donkey. Son replied: But dadaji called me ´Gadhe ka bachha´!

40:-D Why did 18 sardarjis go to a movie? Because below 18 was not allowed!