SMS Jokes 11-20

11:-) Sardar´s wife asked: What is the difference between PYAR and ISHQ ? Sardar said: PYAR is what I do with my sister and ISHQ is what I do with your sister!

12:-( Sardar and wife were waiting at the signal. A tapori came aside and asked: Kya paaji, rakheil hai kya? A furious sardar said: Rakheil hogi teri, meri to biwi hai!

13;-) Sardar with two burnt ears said to his doctor: I was ironing the clothes and accidently picked up the iron instead of the phone. Doctor asked: But what about the other ear? Sardar said: That bastard called again!

14:-D Man: Sardarji where were you born? Sardar: Punjab Man: Which part? Sardar: Oye, part part ki karda hai, whole body born in Punjab!

15:-l Sardar to servant: Go and water the plants Servant: But its already raining Sardar: Oye, ulloo ke patthe, then take an umbrella and go!

16:-) Sardar goes to buy an underwear. On choosing one the shopkeeper tells him its of Rs 500. Sardar says: Arre bhai dailywear dikhao, partywear nahin!

17:-( Man asked sardar: Why does Manmohan Singh go for walks in the evening only? Sardar replied: Arre bhai, he is PM not AM!

18;-) Sardar to doctor: I have loose motions and I am not able to stop it. Doctor: Did you try lemon? Sardar: Yes, but when I remove it, it starts again!

19:-D On a romantic date, sardar´s girlfriend asked him: Darling, on our engagement will you give me a ring? Sardar: Yeah, sure. Give me your telephone number!

20:-l Question: Sardarji, aapko thand lagti hai to aap kya karte hai? Sardar: Main candle ke paas baith jata hoon. Question: Agar phir bhi thand lage to? Sardar: Oye, candle jalata hoon!