SMS Jokes 101-110

101:-) BANTA: This bottle of mineral water is full of germs, yet it has the ISI mark on it. SANTA: Quite right! Pakistan’s ISI has marked it as being fit for Indians!

102:-( Santa to girlfriend: I want to marry you. GIRLFRIEND: But I am one year older to you. SANTA: No problem, then I will marry you next year!

103;-) Banta had eaten to his heart’s content at the party. Then he was offered dessert. He shook his head and said: No, thank you. I am already fed up!

104:-D Santa was killing bees. His wife asked: How many have you killed today? SANTA: Five. Three male and two female. WIFE: How did you guess their gender? SANTA: 3 were sitting on beer bottles and 2 on the telephone!

105:-l Banto’s mother-in-law fainted. The doc asked: what happened? SANTO:H don’t know. Just now she was in her senses. Now she has become nonsense!

106:-) The young girl gushed: One must wear the right clothes. Whe I do riding, I wear breeches. When I go out in the evening, I wear an evening dress. Santa innocently asked: And what do you wear at birthday parties?

107:-( Banto was complaining to Santo about the quality of TV programs lately: I watch very little TV. I like the real world better. Santo asked: You do? What time is that on?

108;-) Sardar went to a museum. There he brokd a statue. OFFICER: You have broken a 5000 years old statue. SARDAR: Thank God! I thought it was new!

109:-D Santa and Banta were looking at an Egyptian Mummy. SANTA: So many bandages! Surely truck accident case. BANTA: You are right. Even the truck number is written BC-1762!

110:-l After finding 3 bombs, Ranta and Banta decided to take them to pnlice. SANTA: Agar ek bomb raste mein fat gaya to? BANTA: Jhooth bol denge ki sirf 2 mile the!