SMS Jokes 91-100

91:-) BOSS : Why are you objecting to ur overseas assignment? Don’t you realise its a golden opportunity? BANTA : Sir, I just got married. My wife is still not pregnant and I don’t want to leave her in that condition!

92:-( Santa fell in love with a nurse and wanted to write her a love letter. After much thought, he wrote: I love you Sister…..

93;-) SANTA : Why are you going to the marriage bureau? You are already married. BANTA : I want to check up when my marriage licence expires!

94:-D When he came across a long procession of people led by a man with with a dog, Santa asked the man : Who died? MAN : My mother-in-law. SANTA : how? MAN : the dog bit her. SANTA : May I borrow the dog? MAN : Get in line.

95:-l Banta was filling a job application. On reaching the ‘Sex’ column, after much thought, he wrote : Thrice a wk. He was told that it was wrong and he had to fill ‘Male’ or ‘Female’. Again after long thought, he wrote : Preferably female!

96:-) Banta got an opportunity to explore the Wild West Street in Hollywood. Cruising down in his limousine, he drove the wrong way up a one-way road. A cop hauled him up and asked : Didn’t you see the arrows? BANTA : I didn’t even see the Red Indians!

97:-( SANTA: Why do women hate alcohol so much? SANTO: Because, after drinking it, their mouse-like husbands become lions!

98;-) At a party, Santa’s wife complained: That man there has been staring at me for last 15 min. SANTA: Don’t worry. He deals in antiques!

99:-D After cleaning the house, Banta’s wife asked him: Is there any neater, tidier and more orderly place in town? Without batting an eyelid, Banta replied: The cemetary!

100:-l A conversation turned to whether women dress to please men or other women. Most agreed that it was to please men but Santa had the last word when he said: They don’t have to dress to please me!