SMS Jokes 111-120

111:-) Sardar had twins. He named them TIN and MARTIN. Again had twins & named them PETER & REPETER. Again had twins & named them MAX & CLIMAX. Again same. Finally named them TIRED & RETIRED!

112:-( SARDAR: Ladka pasand aya? BETI: Mota hai. SARDARNI: Beti, TV 14in ka ho ya 29in ka, remote to sirf 6in ka hota hai!

113;-) Sardar went to answer his exam with a plumber. Why? Because he got the news that the paper had leaked!

114:-D Prince Charles was having dinner with a sardar. He told the sardar: Pass me the wine, you devine. Sardar thought: How poetic! Then he said to Charles: Pass me the custard, you bastard!

115:-l SANTA: Bahut tension hai yaar, meri ladki jawan ho gayi hai. BANTA: Tension kyon leta hah yaar. Jawan hui hai to border par bhej de!

116:-) When the sardar saw a truck pulling another with a rope, he started laughing loudly. When asked why he said: Those fools are using 2 trucks to pull a rope!

117:-( A sardar learning English introduces his family at a party: Hi I am Sardar, this is my Sardarni, he is my lid and she is my kidney!

118;-) Sardar got an invitation to a party which said ‘pink tie only’ When he went to the party, he was surprised to find that others were wearing pants and shirt also!

119:-D A sardar died due to lightening. His dead body was found smiling. God asked: Why? Sardar replie: Oye, mainu lagya koi mera photo khioch raha hai!

120:-l An accident ocurree, crowd gathered and a sardar reporter could not get in. The clever sardar cried: Mera Baapu! The crowd made way for him. But what he saw there was a donkey!