100+ Birthday Wishes for Sister to Make Smile and Laugh

Sisters are the best. They’re your best friend and your confidant, all at the same time. Growing up, they were always there for you in good times and bad. And now that you’re (eventually) an adult with a family of your own, they’re still there to support you, whether it’s cheering you on as an aunt or uncle, being the coolest auntie ever to your niece or nephew, or celebrating your birthday with you! Birthday Wishes for Sister Best Wish Of Birthday For Sister

Birthday Wishing To A Sister

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Happy Birthday To The Best Sister In The World.
May Your Life Be Filled With All The Happiness You Deserve!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister
Happy Birthday, Sister! Sending all my love and prayers.
May you have a blessed year ahead. Many happy returns of the day!

Many happy returns of the day, dear sister! Stay away from your worries and responsibilities and enjoy your special day with your loved ones!

My lovely sister, you always call me a precious gift, but today
|I want to say that you are my biggest treasure. Happy Birthday to you!

I thank God every day that I was born as your little sister because you made me who I am. Thank you for loving me unconditionally! Happy Birthday!

I always pray for your happiness. May you keep smiling and shining through life. Happy Birthday.

I pray to God that He blesses you with happiness and prosperity. Happy Birthday to my dearest sister.

Happy birthday, my dear! May God bless you with the nicest things in the world.

Happy birthday to our angel. May God show as much kindness to you as you show to our family.

Birthday Blessings for Sister
Happy birthday to my dearest sister. I hope you always keep smiling and bubbling with joy.

May life blesses you with various possibilities and opportunities in every way you go. Sending my best wishes on your birthday.

Congratulations, you only look one year older than you did on your
last year’s birthday! I’m pretty sad that I cannot see your oldie face! Happy birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes To Sister

I am lucky to have such an adorable sister like you. You are so funny yet so inspiring all the time. Happy birthday!

May all of your long-cherished dreams come true on this day.
I can’t wait to give you a big hug today. Happy birthday!

You made my childhood special. You are always my biggest strength and greatest inspiration.
Happy birthday to the sweetest sister of mine!

Every single piece of advice you gave me made me the person I am today.
You are beyond amazing. Happy birthday to you!

Without you, life would be impossible.
Thank you for being the shelter that saved me from the storms of life.
Happy birthday sis!

Happy birthday, my sister. I love you as much I loved you when you were born,
even now when you are 25. You make me so proud to have you as a sister.

I believe someday you’ll make all your dreams come true and make us all so proud.
You are still so young but you have more potentials than any of us. Happy birthday!

Stop worrying about what you couldn’t do.
Focus on what you still can do. You have a long way to
go and so many things to accomplish. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, sister! Even though you are still young, you have achieved many great things and received so much love from everyone! You make us proud!

Happy birthday to my amazing sister! Although we are far, sending you my love in the form of a sweet greeting! I miss you so much!

I really wish I was there with you on your special day! Don’t be sad and enjoy your day! Take my hugs and kisses with this lovely present! Happy Birthday.

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Thank You For Being The Most Loving And Caring Sister In The World!
Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday, Dear Sister!

Sending you my hugs and kisses on your birthday. I think a lot about how lost I would have been in this world if I didn’t have you in my life, sister.

We are like two peas in a pod. Nothing is complete in my life without you, sister. Happy birthday to the other half of my soul.

God may have made us sisters by fate. But I think we would have been together just like now if we weren’t sisters. I love you sister. Happy Birthday.

I know whatever I give won’t amount to the love you have given me.
It’s unattainable. Happy birthday my loveliest sister.

It doesn’t matter how much older you become; you’ll always remain to be my sweet little sister.
Have a great day. Happy birthday!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

You are not just my sister, you are also my best friend, mother, and father. Thank you for always protecting me and taking care of me. Happy Birthday.

I actually feel like ripping my heart open and showing you how much affection I carry for you, sis. Have a great birthday party!

Let me remind you of the unbreakable bond that we share between us. You’re my favorite part of the family. I’ve always got you covered sis. Happy birthday and enjoy your special day.

Every person has an angel in their life in the form of a human. You are that angel in my life. Happy Birthday sister.

Looking at you gives me the strength to go on in life.
You are the inspiration of my life. It’s a blessing to have a sister like you.
I wish you to have the best birthday of your life.

I saw you as a bud. You bloomed and grew into such an amazing lady. May you have the blessings of God and have the best things in the world. Happy Birthday Sister.

Birthday Prayers for Sister

May the light of heaven shine upon you and bring peace to your heart.
May the love of God be with you always and forever. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, my dear sister! May you always stay in good health and nourish your heart with love and kindness. Bless you!

My precious sister, may all your dreams come true,
and may happiness never leave your side. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a great year ahead!

Birthday Prayers for Sister

We are thankful to God for sending such a precious soul as you to us.
On this day, may you have the joy of your life. Happy birthday!

You are no less than a blessing from God.
I wish nothing but a blissful life ahead for you on this special day!

Dear sister, wishing you the happiest birthday ever!
I pray that you can always stay true to yourself and remain
focused on your goals and dreams!

I thank God every single day for bringing you to this world and make my sister. Happy birthday!

You’re one in a million! Just like a defect in a container full of quality products. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the nicest and also the meanest sister in the world.
Only you can act both ways so perfectly.

I can’t believe my baby sister is growing up so fast! Happy birthday, my angel.

You are like a butterfly, to see you growing up is such a beautiful experience! Happy birthday, sister!

“Sisterhood is a funny thing. It’s easy to recognize, but hard to define.” – Pearl Cleage

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion Garretty

“My sister is the one person who truly knows me, as I know her.” – Lisa See

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Happy Birthday To My Loving Elder Sister!
Nobody Could Ever Take Care Of Me The Way You Do,
And I’m Thankful For All Your Love, Care, And Sacrifices.
May All Of Your Birthday Wishes Come True!

You never let me feel bored and lonely.
Thank you for making my childhood awesome.
Wishing you all the great things in life. Happy birthday!

The most precious relationship is the one that two sisters share.
I am lucky that I have a sister like you. Happy birthday!

Birthday Messages for Sister
Happy birthday, dear sister! You make everything feel at ease.
I always wish that all your dreams come true. Enjoy your day to the fullest!

Dear sister, this year you’ll be adding one more candle to your birthday cake. And it just makes me happy. It reminds me of how much you have grown as an individual.

My lovely sister, thank you for always being there for me. On your special day, I want you to know that I love you a lot and truly hope you shine bright like the diamond that I know you are.

Happy Birthday Messages for Sister

Since the moment I took birth, I never got to feel alone because I already had my best friend with me. Happy Birthday to that best friend!

You have been my inspiration since day one and will remain so throughout life!
Happy birthday! Have lots of fun today, dear sister-blister!

Happy birthday, you’re awesome!
Thank you for being the person I can run into whenever
I am having some issue. I love you so much!

You’re quite different from me but you’re the closest to my heart.
Thank you for being the only person who sees greatness in me! Happy birthday!

If there’s one person in this world who can see me through and know what’s wrong in my life without me saying a word, that’s you! Happy birthday sister!

Long Birthday Messages for Sister

You love me, take care of me, and make me laugh whenever I feel low. We may fight every now and then, but I still appreciate your presence in my life. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without your shenanigans and stupid advice! Happy birthday and love you, sister! Keep shining.

You are the one I share my laughter with, and you are the one to see my tears too. You’re not only my sister but also my best friend in the whole world, and I couldn’t love you more! Happy birthday, my dear. I wish you a beautiful life ahead.

We have shared food, toys, and our entire childhood. Whenever I made a blunder, you were there to cover it up for me. I know you’ve still got my back, and I too will always be there for you. Love you to the moon and back, sister. Happy birthday and I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true!

You know all my secrets, and I know yours too. You are the person I’d trust with my life, and I’m so grateful to have you as my sister. A very very happy birthday to you, my dear. I know you are capable of achieving every great thing in life and I’ll always be proud of you.

You are the most courageous, kind, and thoughtful person I know. You motivate me to be a better person. Someday, I hope to be someone like you. I wish you a very happy birthday, my sister. May this year bring all your dreams and wishes come true!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

Times have changed. But our bond is as strong as ever.
Happy birthday to the best sister in the entire world.

You should really be grateful because I share my parents with you, sis.
Anyways, warm wishes on your birthday.

Dear sis, we both know that I’m mum’s favorite child.
But hey, you’ll always be her second favorite. Anyways, Happy birthday!

Sis, you’re both smart and pretty.
I totally envy you. Happy birthday.
The first line was a joke.

Happy birthday to my strong, independent sis. You’re now one step closer to getting married.

Happy Birthday, my lovely sister. You are a person full of passion and potential,
so never stop dreaming and never be shy of taking a step forward!

My sister, you have always been the wise, mature and understanding one between us.
Wishing for you always to stay the same. Happy Birthday to you!

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Happy Birthday, Sister! May God Keep Showering His Love And Blessings
On You And May We Get To Celebrate More Happy Days Together!

Happy birthday sister! Thank you for being such and supportive sister and best friend. I love you!

sister birthday wishes

Happiest birthday to the most perfect sister in the world! I hope your life is filled with success and happiness. Many happy returns of the day!

Happy birthday to the loveliest and most gorgeous woman in the world. You mean the world to me, dear sister.

Happy Birthday to my adorable little sister. May you have all the happiness in this world. Wish you a many many happy returns of the day.

Short Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy birthday, dear sister! I love you to the moon and back!

A very happy birthday to my sister. May our days ahead be more fun than ever!

Happy birthday to my sweet sister. Have a wonderful day and make lots of memories.

Now that you are away from home, cheers to all the birthdays we have celebrated together and the ones that are yet to be celebrated! Happy birthday, sis!

Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

Happy birthday, dear little sis! May God bless you and all your wishes and dreams come true!
Many happy returns of the day!

Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

On your birthday, I just wanted to share with you just how much you mean to me.
If anybody ever breaks my little sister’s heart, I’ll kill them. Sincerely, elder brother.

May you have all the good things in your way.
I pray that God always keeps you happy and surrounded by loving souls. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister Quotes
Happy birthday, you punk! One friendly reminder: you will always be my baby sister, and I will always have your back! Mind that!

You brought immeasurable joy to our life.
You are simply the best kind of sister I could ever wish for. Happy birthday!

birthday wishes for elder sister

Happiest birthday to the one I look up to the most!
Thank you for being my savior and warrior!
I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

From teaching me pranks to giving me life lessons,
you have always been my role model. Happy birthday, sister.

Happy birthday to my one and only sister!
Thank you for always inspiring me with your positive thoughts and actions.
May you have an extremely fun day, Sis!

Funny Birthday Messages for Sister

When I say today is a special day, I literally mean the day is special, not you. Happy birthday!

Do you remember the story mom used to tell that she found you crying on the street and then she took you home. The story was true! Happy birthday!

I always wanted a sister. I don’t know whether God has misheard my prayers because you seem more of a brother to me. Happy Birthday to my tomboy sister.

I thought you’d always have my back.
But I didn’t know you’d hide at my back every time mom gets angry with us.
Happy birthday!

May your faith in God grow stronger than ever in the coming years and God’s love keep you growing, happy birthday!

On this special occasion, it is with great hope that I ask my Lord to bless you with his divine grace. To shower you his Mercy and blessings.