You’re mingled in my life such a harmoniously

You’re mingled in my life such a harmoniously,

wherever I go, it seems that only your assembly is everywhere,

this wide sky, this dark cloud, these paths, this breez,

everything is at their respective states, pretty well,

there is no lamentations towards the world, nowadays,

the life is a journey, and you’re the destination of this journey,

without you, there was certain kinda hollow absence in the world,

my youth was wandering in the benighted dark paths,

now, after coming to your embrace, I’ve procured restness for my heart,

I’m nothing but a lost tide, and you’re the ocean,

my whole world is shone with your beauty,

may, my search, your enticement , be there forever,

may it be God’s will, that my madness be there forever,

your fidelity is the source of my each and every happiness.