Trying too hard !!

Trying too hard can often be as unproductive as not trying at all.
Pushing yourself too hard sends an unspoken yet powerful message that you
lack confidence in your own efforts.

Instead of forcing your efforts, seek to simply let them flow.
Instead of being consumed with thoughts of how much or how little
progress you’re making, focus on the real substance of the effort.

When you wander a little off track, there’s no need
to despair or to work yourself up over it.
Put that energy into pointing yourself back in the right direction.

Real progress will come at the pace at which you can give yourself
fully and sincerely to the effort.
If you attempt to rush the process, you may accumulate some meager
tokens of success, but you will fall short of achieving real success itself.

Life already has enough pressures.
There is no need to add more by pressuring yourself.
Relax and let your efforts flow.
That is how you can be your very best.