** True Lines About Facebook **


Dont knw y people ollwayz tell me dat u r my true frend,best frend n oll n try to realize me dat m realy matter in his/her life..n m also big fool who shares every thing…like an open book,,

but u should also understand dat when u r sayng dat m ur close frend ,true frend,best frend,,,,yaar u should also put out d cover of ur life…n let me read some pages of ur life…just an open book like me on fb…

ya i knw dat oll d people think dat facebook is just a palce where u can make strangers to ur frend….but i forgot dat it is a social site..not a place where i can find a real life frend..

well wanted to write unlimilted…i hate……….dont wanna talk again………..m not time pass material who entertain yuh … hmm:(