Sumtym Little Thngs Hurt..

Sumtym Little Thngs Hurt..

No rply frm ur Luvd ones,

Laughing of Frnds at U,

Wen ur Best Frnd is Busy wid ANOTHER FRND,

Wen u want ur Frnds 2 b wid u,Bt dey Dont Hv Tym 4 u,

Wen u EXPRESS ur DEEPEST FEELINGS to sum1 Spcl, bt HE/SHE Doesnt try to undrstnd,

Wen u want To TALK TO HIM/HER, bt dey say “I AM BUSY”

Wen u dont feel sleepy at nyt n ur Bf/Gf says I’m damn sleepy…

Hw truly said- Heart is soft n can b Pinched Easily…!!