SMS Jokes 1-10

1:-) Why was the sardar arrested in a political rally? Because he saw a girl going around with a badge on her chest saying PRESS. And he pressed!

2:-( Two sardars went to a callgirl. First sardar went in,came out and said: No my wife is better. Second sardar went in,came out and said: Yes,you are right. Your wife is better!

3:-( In a party a lady wanted to go to the toilet. So she inquired with a sardar: Susu karne ki jagah dikhao. Sardar replied: You naughty lady,pehle tum dikhao!

4:-D Sardar and a girl were having sex. Suddenly the sardar asked: Do you have AIDS? Girl said: No. Sardar said: Thank God, I don´t want to get that again!

5:-l A sardar met a blonde in a bar and said to her: Let us have sex. She said: OK but I am having my menstrual cycle. Sardar said: That is fine. I have my Hero Honda!

6:-) Sardar to wife: Nikal teri sari,nikal teri panty,nikal teri bra,nikal meri pant,nikal meri chaddi. Ab dabaa jor se,aur jor se. Ab hui na suitcase bandh!

7:-) A gang of sardars looted a bank,broke open the safe and found chilled lassi inside. They drank happily and left. Next day’s headline: SARDARS LOOT SPERM BANK!

8:-( Sardarni was taking bath with the door open to make sure that no one was peeping through the keyhole!

9;-) Ek sardar ko peshab karte dekh ladki doosre raste se jane lagi;-. Sardar bola: Daro mat baby, jisase dar rahi ho usko maine pakad rakha hai!

10:-D Biwi ka antim sanskar kar ke sardar ghar ja raha tha ki bijli chamki, badal garaje aur jor se barsat kui. Sardar bola: Lagata hai pahunch gayi!