Little b0y to Dad: H0w was I b0rn ?

Dad: Wel, y0ur m0m & I g0t 2gether at “Yah0o”
We set up a date via “E-Mail” & met in “Cyber Cafe”
y0ur m0m agreed t0 “D0wnl0ad Data” fr0m my “PEN DRIVE”
…So I put it in y0ur m0m’s USB “P0rt” n just when I was ab0ut t0 “Transfer”,we realized that n0n 0f us had “Installed” an “Antivirus 0r Firewall”
It was t0o late t0 hit “Cancel”

Nine m0nths later a “P0p-up Wind0w” appeared saying “y0u have 1 new MALE”