In the memory of 90’s:

In the memory of 90’s:

When the Most popular games were “Chuppan Chupai”, “Pakadan Pakdai” and “Oonch Neech”

When the best delights were “Popcorns”, “Kismibar” “Melody Toffee”
… … …
When Pepsi was worth Rs/- 12

Watching cartoons before school and 5:30 pm “Dexter Laboratory” and “Powerpuff Girls”

When we were not allowed to watch movies but we managed it anyway

When getting Rs/- 50 Kanjakan meant, You were rich.

When decisions were made by “Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bow”

When the worst nightmares were “Injections” and “Darkrooms”

When ” Hero Ranger Cycle” was a source of jealousy in the entire mohalla

When, while playing cricket, rule was “Ghar mein jane ka out aur jo maare ga, woh le kar ayega”

Childish but Awesome Memories ! ♥

(Shared By: Heena Ramchandani)