I Met U On Fb Last Year…


I Met U On Fb Last Year
We Became Freinds
Got To Know Each Other
Became Best Freinds
Kept In Touch Almost Everyday
Missed You When We Didn’t Talk
Don’t Know When And How U Became More Than A Freind For Me
My Feelings Changed For You And I Fell In Love With You
Since Then You’ve Became A Part Of My Life In Such A Way That I Can’t Imagine A Day Without You
I Love You Arshad More Than You’ll Ever Know
You’re An Awesome Guy
Really Cool
The Most Caring Guy I’ve Ever Known
I Know We’ve Had Our Ups & Downs But We’ve Always Managed To Get Through It All The Time
Its The Trust & Love We Have For Eachother That Has Bought Us Close To Eachother 
I Know I’m Going Far For A While And All I Want To Say To You Jaan Is
I’ll Miss You More Than I Can Explain In Words
You’ll Always Be With Me In My Thoughts & Prays
INS HA ALLAH I’ll. Be Back Soon
And When I’m Gone Promise Me You Won’t Be Sad 
And Before I Go I Just Wanna Say To You Is Please Forgive Me If Ever I’ve Hurt You In Anyway I’m Sorry Jaan
Remember Me In Your Prays
I Love You Arshad Soo Much
More Than I’ll Ever Be Able To Explain In Words
And Always Remember That I’m Always Here For You Forever ♥