I love you baby

I love you baby
But you will never know
I never got to tell you
Or let you show

I miss you so much
Words couldn’t even say
All the love we had for each other
Will never go away

The day you got in the wreck
You left without me knowing
I didn’t know you were gone
You didn’t call or write a note showing

I got out of bed
And started looking for you
I couldn’t find you no where
I didn’t know what to do

I called your cell phone so many times
But you didn’t answer me
There was something wrong
But I just couldn’t see

About 15 minutes later
Two police men were at my door
Something was wrong I could see it in there eyes
I just felt it more and more

They asked to come inside
I said sure
The news they were about to say
Would hurt me more

They looked me in the eyes
And said sorry but your husband is dead
I didn’t know what to say all i know is tears where falling down
No words were said

I thought in my head
Why does this happen to the people that you love
He was the reason I was here
He was my angel sent from up above

I’ve had a rough time
Ever since that day
Every night I cry myself to sleep
The tears wont go away

Everything comes back
The times that was shared
All the poems you wrote me
I read every night to show how much i cared

Even though your not here with me now
I’ll have you in my heart
It’s been so hard on me
I’m just torn apart

Baby I love you
And I miss you oh so much
It really hurts bad that I can’t say that to you in real life
And to feel your touch

But I always know
That you love me too
And miss me..
Baby I’ll soon be with you