I am disturbed by the missing piece in me.

I am disturbed by the missing piece in me.
I am out of ideas to make myself okay like I promised.
I feel like am deeply wounded by the piece that has been cut out of me.
I feel speechless and out of words by the sadness that is filling me.
I miss you so much that makes my breathing hard.
I should be okay in each passing day or so I thought I would be but I missed you more that make things harder for me.
I can’t express myself, I just feel the sadness flowing in.
In my dreams you are with me, moving around me, touching me and speaking softly like the way I wanted.
But I cannot close my eyes and live in the dreams in all day long, I have to open my eyes and find you gone and feel the missing piece.
Sometimes I wish I don’t wake up from sleep because waking up is finding you are not there.
I just wanted to say that I miss you so much please don’t hold it against me, I am trying so hard not to feel this way but I just can’t, it is just the way I feel.
I am wishing that someday you give back the missing piece in me.
You are my missing piece.