Happy Smile Day To Everyone(8th Feb. 2019)


RONe se chehre pr pimple prte hain
TENSION se wrinkle prte hain
Islye sada muskurao
muskurany se chehre pr DIMPLE prte hain
Happy Smile Day!

Insan kehta h-khushi aaye to main muskurau..


khushi kehti hai-tu muskuraye to main aau..

So plz keep smiling! Happy Smile Day!


24 SmileS..
🙂 :-):-) 🙂
For You,
One For Each Hour!
Happy Smile Day!

If you can’t find the right words to certain situation
just give a smile….
Words may confuse
but a smile always convinces.. !!

Happy Smile Day!

You can calculate Everything,
Even the Velocity of light….
You can never Calculate Hate of the People
Behind their SMILE.. !!

Biggest Truth.. !! Happy Smile Day!

Be honest n send this to that Person
who made you smile
Somewhere 🙂
Sometime 🙂
Someday 🙂 in the Past

It may surprise you how many comes back 🙂

You Deserve it. THANKS..! 🙂 Happy Smile Day!

Speed Is Calculated As Miles Per Hour
Life Is Calculated As Smiles Per Hour
So Increase Your Smile Get Extra Milage In Life.. ! Happy Smile Day!

“A Single lovable smile is a proper key
for many solutions ‘n many confusions.!”

So Express Your Cute Smile at Every Moment On Your Face.. ! Happy Smile Day!

I can talk to hundreds of people in one day
but none of them compare to the smile
you can give me in one minute.. Happy Smile Day!

Apple = vitamins
Vitamins = power
Power = work
Work = money
Money = girlfriend
Girlfriend = tension
Tension = heart attack
Heart attack = death
See what all problems an apple can make:p Happy Smile Day!

Love without depending,
Live without pretending,
Listen without defending,
Speak without offending,
Smile without doubting. Happy Smile Day!

A smile can open a heart
faster than a key can open a door.
Smiles are free don’t save them.
Brighten the world with your smile. Happy Smile Day!

Hold ur right cheek with
ur right hand & Hold ur left
cheek with ur left hand!!
U knw what it is?Meri Taraf se
‘ Kochiii Kochiii Koooo’

Happy Smile Day!