Girl: hey baby, happy birthday

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Girl: hey baby, happy birthday

Boy: thank you (:

Girl: I’ll be at your house at


Boy: okay babe,promise?

Girl: yeah, I promise. I love

you so

much.. no matter what


Boy: I love you too. I am going

to cook

for our dinner (:

Girl: okay baby (:

Exactly 7:30, girl does not


1 hour goes by.

8:30 and the girl arrives….

Boy: hey babe.. What took

you so long?

Girl: *hugs him*,

sorry. There was a lot

of traffic.

Boy: Its okay as long as you

are here (:

I bet you’re hungry.

They went to dinner and ate



*boy phone rings*

*Its the girls mom*

Boy: hello

Girls mom: ( crying ) son, I

have to tell

you something I am in the


right now my daughter just

passed out.

Boy: ha? What are you talking


Girls mom: ( crying ) she was

in a car crash a “hour ago” she

did not make it.

Boy: “shocked” looks at his


The girl is in the dark holding

a candle

saying “Baby, I did not break

my promise..” ♥