Difficult challenges can come into your life when you least expect them,
and when you can ill afford them.
Yet there they are, bullying their way into your world.
If you try to ignore them or deny them, they just get bigger and more problematic.

The more you let them worry you and get you down, the more helpless they make you.

A life full of challenge is often stressful and uncomfortable, but it is vastly better than the
alternative, which is a life full of nothing. Your own particular challenges may seem
extremely unfair, and they probably are. But that doesn’t make them any less real,
nor does it make you any less obligated to confront and endure them.

Accept the challenges when they appear, and you’re well on the way to overcoming them.
Though they bring disruption and pain, they also bring growth and power.

Sometimes what is best for us, is not what we would choose.
Life is difficult and in it we find unimaginable joy.
Accept it all and live it for all it’s worth.