Angry Status

I Hope Karma Slaps You, , angry status lovesove

I Hope Karma Slaps You In The Face Before I Do.

Anger Is Never Without A Reason, , cute angry images lovesove

Anger is never without a reason
but seldom with a good one.

I Am Not An Angry Guy, , whatsapp dp images profile pictures lovesove

I am not an angry guy.
It’s just the roles I do
that impact my personality.

Anger Is A Condition, , wallpapers anger quotes lovesove

Anger is a condition,
where mouth works faster than mind.

The Day You Understand That, , latest angry whatsapp status lovesove

The day you understand that I’m not angry.
I’m hurt would be the day
You’d understand me.

Silence Is The Best Way To React, , silence is the best way to react lovesove

Silence is the best way to
react while angry.

Sometimes You Have To Get Angry, , sometimes you have to get lovesove

Sometimes, you have to get angry
to get things done.

I’m Sad Hurt Angry Mad, , i m sad hurt angry lovesove

I’m sad, hurt, angry, mad, and disappointed.
But You Know what?
I’ll put on a smile and move on.
It will hurt, but I will survive.