7 steps for happiness….


7 steps for happiness…..

The purpose of life is to experience happiness. Relationships are for sharing happiness.

Happiness is the eternal nature of the soul. it is not something that I have to earn but something I discover within the self.

The secrets to happiness:

-Take advantage of every opportunity to give happiness to others through kindness in your thoughts, words and actions.

-Live in the present moment and make the most of what you have now.

-Let the past be the past. It cannot be changed no matter how much I re-think it.

-Never hold on to anything or anyone. Change is a part of life, it can never remain the same.

-Check your intentions. If I have a needy nature and always want to gain something from a situation or person, then I will never be able to hold on to happiness.

-Don’t waste time looking at the weaknesses and mistakes of others. They are not in your control.

-Appreciate and care for yourself. Remember that at the core you are a really lovely person.

Take another step towards happiness today!