10 Reasons To Never Give Up!!


10 Reasons To Never Give Up!!

1. As Long As You Are Alive, Anything Is Possible.
The Only Valid Excuse You Have To Give Up Is If You Are Dead. As Long As You Are Alive (And Healthy
And Free) You Have The Choice To Keep Trying Until You Finally Succeed.

2. Be Realistic. The Chance Of Mastering Something The First Time You Do It Is Almost Non-Existent.Everything Takes Time To Learn And You Will MakE Mistakes.Learn From Them.

3. You Are Strong. You Are Stronger Than You Think. One Little Setback Is Not Enough To Stop You From Achieving Your Goals.Neither Are 10 Or 100 Or 1000 Setbacks.

4. Prove Yourself. You Don’t Want To Be Known As Someone That Is Weak And Gives Up. Go Out There
And Prove Yourself To The World And To Yourself.You CAN And WILL Achieve What You Set Out To Do.
The Only Time You Fail Is When You Give Up.

5. Believe In Your Dreams. Don’t Sell Yourself Short.
In Life There Are Going To Be Many People Who Will
Try To Bring You Down And Tell You What You Want To Achieve Is Not Possible.

6. Your Family And Friends. Let The People You Love
And Who Mean The World To You Be Your Inspiration To Persist And Perseverae. Maybe You Need To Try A Different Angle, Study More Or
Practice More But Don’t Give Up!

7. There Are People Worse-Off. Right Now There
Are Many People Who Are In A Worse Situation And Environment Than You Are. Are You Thinking
About Giving Up Running 5 Miles A Week? Think
About The People Who Are Unable To Even Walk
And How Much They Would Give To Be Able To Run 5 Miles Every Day.

8. You Deserve To Be Happy. Don’t Ever Let Anybody Tell You Otherwise. You Deserve To Be
Happy And You Deserve To Have Success. Keep That Mindset And Never Give Up Until You Reach Your Destination!

9. Inspire Others. Be An Inspiration To Others By Refusing To Give Up. Who Knows What Someone
Else Can Achieve Because You Never Gave Up And In Turn Inspired Them Not To Give Up.

10. You Are So Close. Often When You Feel Like You
Want To Give Up You Are So Close To Making A Huge Breakthrough. You Are Just A Heartbeat Away From Success. 😉