Specially for someone Who is …


♥ ‘Specially for someone Who is yet to come in my life’ ♥

I Don’t Like when u r Sad…
I Don’t Like when u r Tensed….
I Don’t Like when u Have Many things to say….But Ain’t able to…
U Can’t see My heart…iT Just Beats 4 u…And want to see u happy always..
If I would Have Given a Power to Decide your Life
I would Have Never….Let u go Sad Anytime…
Coz all i want is your happiness…coz when u Smile ..I Smile..
Your Smile Can Make my day Beautiful
Coz when U Smile u Look a Little baby…..(:
And i Just Feel Like Kissing u..Always
So Let me Kiss u Everytime (:
I Love you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥