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There are many words in Urdu poetry that have been treated in entirely different ways and contexts to create unusual kinds of meaning. A number of such words can be found in the domain of faith. Dua, or prayer, is one such word that has been used quite creatively and in multiple contexts. Here, you would find a lover praying for union and his prayers returned unanswered. Sometimes, being disappointed, he even prays for his release from love that brings only suffering. This and many other conditions of this kind can be found in this selection for the curious readers.

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Tum Laakh Dua Kar Lo – Hindi Dard Shayari, Sad Shayari

Tum Laakh Dua Kar Lo – Hindi Dard Shayari, Sad Shayari Hindi Sad Shayari For Facebook तुम लाख दुआ कर लो मुझसे दूर जाने की .. मेरी दुआ भी उसी खुदा से है तुझे मेरे …

Khafa Bhi Rehte Hain

Khafa Bhi Rehte Hain Wafa Bhi Karte Hain, Is Tarah Apne Pyaar Ko Bayan Bhi Karte Hain, Jane Kaise Narazgi Hai Hamse Unki. Khona Bhi Chahte Hain Aur Pane Ki Dua Bhi Karte Hain. 116Shares