Awesome Movie “Dialouges”

Salman in Movie “Bodyguard”

Muzh pe ek ehsan karna ki koi ehsan maat karna”

  • what who wrote this dialouges, did the dialouge writer had some friction with producer or director or actor,,,,, i suppose so)
  • had salman been working in my office, i would have called him on offs and weekends… then he would have said … “muzh pe ehsan kar ki muzhe weekends pe office maat bula”

“Mai ek body guard hu, meri duty ke siwa na muzhe kuch dikhai deta hai and sunai deta hai”

  • Just image u r woking in some custome service centre. The you would have said “i am tired of listening to u people complaints”…. or .. “please i am busy”…
  • what, is this, that makes ‘adreline’ rush u r body … oh come on

“Meri ek aaddat hai ki mai marta kum hu or ghasita zayda hu”

  • whatever. … !!!!! i am not going to allow u touch me 😀