Once there was a girl and boy


Once there was a girl and boy. They lived in Florida. Their love had started by online. One the boy was chatting with that girl..

Boy: I think i am in love with you..
Girl: OH!! Really??
Boy: Yeah!! I LOVE YOU..♥
Girl: I LOVE YOU Too..♥
Boy: ( Happily) said I would like to spend my whole life with you Dear..
Girl: LOVE YOU So Much But..
Boy: What But???
Girl: Went offline..

Next day He calls Up on her cell..
Boy: Hello!!!
Girl: Hello Hi How are you?( she started crying)
Boy: I am Fine!! ( He Heard that His Girlfriend is crying) He asked what happened?
Girl:( Finally cut the phone……………)
Next day The Boy asked to his Girlfriend’s Friend. What had happened to her??
Friend: I Don’t Know??
He got fed up of this. And went to his girlfriend’s home. The house maid said that she is in hospital. Boy got shocked and quickly went to the Hospital. When he reached to the hospital and found her dead. Girl’s mother said that she was suffering from Cancer. And she had wrote a letter for you. Letter say “Jack had I LOVED YOU SO much but now I can’t because I am suffering from cancer. I did not informed this earlier because I don’t wanted to lose you. I LOVE YOU Bye..”
Boy started crying and next day he killed himself. :’(
This is a True LOve………………….♥