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Description: An Awesome collection of Love Stories, Love at First Sight, Lost love. These will DEFINITELY give you the feels. Whether you are looking for that special someone or blissfully in love, these ageless classics know just how to pull on those heartstrings. So, jump under the covers, turn down the lights and tuck into the most sought-after romantic stories of all time.

There was a Boy & a Girl

Boy-Girl Love-Life

There was a Boy ‘n a Girl,
They were best friends for years ‘n years,
They could Talk for hours on the Phone ‘n text each other for days,
When They were Together;
Not a single Sad Thought could cross their Minds, 🙂
everything was Great, But One Day;

The Boy did not Answer any Call or Reply to any Text for a Day,
The Girl was worried that something was Wrong..:(
at night She couldn’t Sleep.., She was sitting in her Room Crying,
‘n It was then that She Realized how much He Means to Her..? 🙁

The next Morning;
She woke Up from a Phone call.., It was the Boy..:)

Boy : Hey..,
Girl : Im so glad that you Called Me, What happened to you yesterday ??
Boy : I was Busy
[ The GIRL Understood that;
Something was Wrong but could not Ask]


Boy : You know..; We should Stop talking..!
Girl: What??.., But Why ?? 🙁
Boy: I am Sorry, Bye..! 🙁

[He Disconnected the call, ‘n She Felt as If Somebody
had Slammed the door on Her face]

Everything else Flashed in Her Mind,
Tears :’(
Cars running by Her..
Roof of some building..’n Sunset..
She couldn’t understand anything..
She started Feeling Lonely, Dejected, ‘n broken..:’(

That was the answer to everything! His words were pouncing on her..
Her heart wanted to jump out!

He was the One..! “Why..??”
She Screamed at the Top of her Voice;
Then She made up Her Mind to make a last Try to get Him Back..!

[She called Him Up]
Girl: hi…
Boy: Why are you calling Me?
Girl: I need to tell you Something..
Boy: Go Ahead.
Girl: I Just Wanted You to know one thing before we stopped talking!
Boy: Tell me..!

Girl: Are you All right?
[She broke off..!
She tried but may be he doesn’t really Care about Her,
She Thought!
She wasn’t His friend in the first Place…
Tears were slowly running Worst :'(
She left the House with a Note..!

[5 hours later]

Phone Rang in the Boy’s Room,
It was the Girl’s Mum,
The girl was lying in the hospital, Got hit by a Car, :’(
The Boy rushed to the Hospital where She was.

She Opened Her Eyes with the Boy’s name..,
He took her Hand..

Boy: Im so Sorry Its all my fault..! But;
I promise when U get better I’ll make It up to You..:(

Girl: I wont get Better..
Boy: No..! No Don’t say that..:(
Girl: just tell me one thing Why did you do it?

Boy told her that He had a Heart problem ‘n
he did not want her to be worried;
‘n there was a risk that he could have Died..!

Boy: I did that because I…..I…..I Love you..?
Girl : I LOVE YOU TOO..?

‘n After That her heart Stopped Beating…:O
She Died..! :’(
The Boy died 10 mins later from a Heart Attack..:’(

He could not live with the thought that;
She died Because of Him.. :’(

If You Love Someone…;
Then Don’t Hold Back Your Feelings…
because Love is The Reason to Live..!
Love is Beautiful..? !

Cute Love Story – How much you love me ?


She: Tell me, how much you love me ?
He: Can’t measure …

She: Then why do you love me?
He: Love never needs reason …

She: Really ? But i know the answer.
He: What ? Then how much you love me ? Tell !

She: Infinitive.
He: Why do you love me ?

She: Because you are the reason i breath with love and my heart beats and keeps me alive in this world…
He: Now i wanna say you something. (Love in Eyes)

She: What ?
He: I don’t know any answer i just know i love you and i want you to stay with me two times. Now and Forever. (holding her hand)

She: Why ? (smiling with tears)
He: You are more then love to me … you are the world to me!! (hug her with love and peace)

Once there was a girl and boy


Once there was a girl and boy. They lived in Florida. Their love had started by online. One the boy was chatting with that girl..

Boy: I think i am in love with you..
Girl: OH!! Really??
Boy: Yeah!! I LOVE YOU..♥
Girl: I LOVE YOU Too..♥
Boy: ( Happily) said I would like to spend my whole life with you Dear..
Girl: LOVE YOU So Much But..
Boy: What But???
Girl: Went offline..

Next day He calls Up on her cell..
Boy: Hello!!!
Girl: Hello Hi How are you?( she started crying)
Boy: I am Fine!! ( He Heard that His Girlfriend is crying) He asked what happened?
Girl:( Finally cut the phone……………)
Next day The Boy asked to his Girlfriend’s Friend. What had happened to her??
Friend: I Don’t Know??
He got fed up of this. And went to his girlfriend’s home. The house maid said that she is in hospital. Boy got shocked and quickly went to the Hospital. When he reached to the hospital and found her dead. Girl’s mother said that she was suffering from Cancer. And she had wrote a letter for you. Letter say “Jack had I LOVED YOU SO much but now I can’t because I am suffering from cancer. I did not informed this earlier because I don’t wanted to lose you. I LOVE YOU Bye..”
Boy started crying and next day he killed himself. :’(
This is a True LOve………………….♥

Love someone in a way that it always stay!


♥ A Husband used to send
a rose to his wife daily,
One day he died…
But she received roses yet..
She asked Floweriest
about that roses…
Floweriest Replied:
Your Husband paid
money for whole life…

Love someone in a way
that it always stay! ♥