Best English Love Quotes, Short Love Status, Tag Lines

Best English Love Quotes, Short Love Status, Tag Lines

Best English Love Quotes, Short Love Status, Love Status In English

If Someone Is Ready To Tolerate My Mood,
Then I Am Ready To Marry Him.

Love Is Just a Word Until Someone Special Gives It A Meaning.

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Your Love Always Makes Me Feel Very Special,
I Feel That I Was Born To Be Yours.

You Smile When You Happy
I Smile When I See You Happy.

You Are Simple But Amazing And The Most Important Thing, You Are Mine.

Loving The Right Person Will Make You The Strongest And The Most Confident Person.

Loving You Was The Best Decision Of My Life.

Never Forget About The Ones That Love You Back.

After Meeting You I Feel That I Am
The Luckiest Person In The World.

Nothing Can Prevent You From Meeting
The True Love Of Your Life.

One Day You Will Know That
I Like You More Than Anyone In This World.

Come live in my heart
and pay no rent

In Just One Meeting,
I Came To Know How Important
You Are To Me.

What You Say And What You Do Both
Matters When You Are In Love.

Heart Touching Lines In English

Suddenly All The Love Songs Are About You.

Falling In Love Is Easy But Keeping
A Relationship Together Isn’t Easy.

You Are My First Thought When I Wake Up And
The Last Thought When I Go To Sleep.
I Cannot Describe How Much I’m In Love With You.
It Is Simply Indescribable.

Start Spreading Love Instead Of Searching For It.

It’s Hard To Find The Words To
Express How I Feel About You.
I Have Tried And Always
Come Back To Just One Word LOVE.

Love Is In The Purest Form When
There Are No Conditions In It.

You Have No Idea How Fast
My Heart Beats When I See You!

When You Have Found That The Happiness Of Others
Means More To You Then You Are In Love.

My Favorite Place In The World Is Lying In Your Arms,
Gazing Into Your Beautiful Eyes.

Loving Someone Constantly Forever Is Very Difficult,
If You Can Do That Then No Force Can Bring You Down.

You Never Love Someone
Because They’re Beautiful,
They Are Beautiful
Because You Love Them.

I May Not Be Your First Love,
But I Will Be Your Last Love.

There Is No Scale To Measure The Love…

You Don’t Have To Love Someone
Just Because They Love You,
Love Is A Two-way Connection
That Takes Time And Patience.

True Love Lines In English

Don’t Promise Me The Moon Or The Stars
Just Promise You Will Stay
Under Them With Me Forever.

It Was My Dream To Wake Up Next To You,
And Today My Dream Come True.

There Are Only Two Things,
That I Want To Be With You
Now And Forever.

Love Can Make A Difference In Every Second Of Your Life.

I Love It When You Hold Me
Like You Will Never Let Me Go.

You Will Understand The Real Meaning Of Closeness
Only When You Are Distant From Your Lover.

I Am Single Because
God Is Busy Writing To
Best Love Story For Me.

The meeting of two personalities like the contact of two
chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Time Can Be Change Everything,
But Not My Love For You.

Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

I Am In Love With Every Moment I Spend With You.

Love Has No Age No Limit & No Death.

My Problem Is Heart
And Solution Is You.

You are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day

Love Status In English For Boyfriend

Fall In Love With Someone
Who Deserve Your Heart Not
Someone Who Plays With It.

There is a peace when there is a love, Let’s love to create a peace

You Don’t Mean ANYTHING To Me.

I like it when you smile but I love it when I’m the reason

One Day I Will Travel The World With The Person I Love.

To my love, I promise to you with all My heart… I’ll never
stop loving you

The Person Who Loves You Truly Is The Most Precious Thing In Your Life…

I don’t want to be your number one, I want to be your only one.

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Made For Each Other

I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you, and only you.

Best English Love Quotes, Love Status In English, Love Status In English For Boyfriend

When I look into your eyes, I know I have found the mirror of my soul.

You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.

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Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels.

I may not be your first date, kiss or love…but I want to be your last everything.