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Ek din main bhi kafan odh jaunga

Ek din main bhi kafan odh jaunga,
Har rishta is zamane se tod jaunga,
Jee chahe jitna sata lo mujhko,
Ek din rota hua sabko chhod jaunga. ;(;(;(

Heart told Eyes…


Heart told eyes: See less because yOu will see i will suffer a lOt….
Then eyes replied: Feel less because yOu will feel i will cry a lOt…!

GIRL: I broke up with him today

GIRL: I broke up with him today. I told him I wasn’t happy. He didn’t even ask why. I thought he would ask me to stay. But he didn’t. He just let me go. And just like that, I lost the guy I waited for so long. 

GUY: She broke up with me today. She said she wasn’t happy. I was too hurt to ask why. I wanted to stop her from leaving. But if she’s not happy with me, there’s no way I can make her stay. So I just let her go. Just like that, I lost the girl I’ve been dreaming of for so long.. =(

A Boy Never Does Homework

Sharing Again A Sweet Love Story:

A Boy Never Does Homework

In Class

To Get Punishment Of Bending

…On His Knees;

In Front Of ‘Her’ Bench

Just To See Her For Whole

Period… ?

Gets Scoldings From His Parents;

Coz He Reaches Late Everyday,

Just To Ensure That She Has


Home Safely Or Not… ?

Skips His Lunch

& Pretends To Be Studying In

The Interval;

Just To See Her Eating The Food…


Walks By Foot To The Home


Of Taking A Bus;

Just To Save Money To Buy

Chocolates For Her. . .♥♥