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Kya Dekhte Ho Mujhme


Ladki Sawaal Karti Hai……

Kya Dekhte Ho Mujhme Jo Itni Mohabbat Karte Ho Tum,
Kya Diya Tumko Jo Is Kadar Mujhpe Marte Ho Tum…

Sirf Aansu Hi Diye Tumko Phir Kyun Tum Chate Ho Hame,
Mujhse Bahut Achhe Miljayenge Tumhe Phir Kio Mere Dur Jane Se Darte Ho Tum…

Ladka Uske Sawalon Ka Jawab Kuch Yun Deta Hai…

Tum Na Jaan Paoge Ke Kyun Itni Mohabbat Hai,
Tumhari Zaat Se Hamko Kyun Itni Chahat Hai…

Tum Ye Bhool Jate Ho Ke Kuchh Pane Ke Liye Mohabbat Nhi Karte,
Tumhari Aankho Me Dikhti Hai Mohabbat Apne Liye Isi Liye Tumhi Pe Marte Hai…

Tumse Mohabbat Karne Me Hame Bhi Lalach Hai,
Log Mandir Maszido Me Dhundhte Hai Hame Tum Me Hi Rab Mil Jata Hai…

Tumhare Diye Aansu Hame Kisi Ki Di Muskurahat Se Jyada Raas Aati Hai,
Tum Jab Rulate Ho Uske Baad Jab Manate Ho Tabhi To Khushi Paas Aati Hai…

Cute Love Story – How much you love me ?


She: Tell me, how much you love me ?
He: Can’t measure …

She: Then why do you love me?
He: Love never needs reason …

She: Really ? But i know the answer.
He: What ? Then how much you love me ? Tell !

She: Infinitive.
He: Why do you love me ?

She: Because you are the reason i breath with love and my heart beats and keeps me alive in this world…
He: Now i wanna say you something. (Love in Eyes)

She: What ?
He: I don’t know any answer i just know i love you and i want you to stay with me two times. Now and Forever. (holding her hand)

She: Why ? (smiling with tears)
He: You are more then love to me … you are the world to me!! (hug her with love and peace)

Cutest Proposal Ever – Mera picha kar rahe ho?


Cutest Proposal Ever:
Girl- Tum mera picha kar rahe ho?
Boy- Nahi, tum mere agge chal rahi ho.
Girl- Tum chahte kya ho?
Boy- Sath sath chalna ♥

I LOVE U too..!

Bf : How r u sweetheart ?
Gf : Not good
Bf : Why? what happened?
Gf : i have cold
Bf : what???how?
Gf : I had ice cream..
Bf : R u mad??? i had told u not to eat ice cream in this rainy season…r u crazy??
Look into my eyes what the hell u think u r??
dont u’ve brain??
u r n’t a kid
can’t u just take care of ur self???
stupid idiot

Girl smiled: hugged him n said “Love U a Lot”
Bf : watz happening here?
will u plz tell me
Gf : just luved it whenever u scold me thts why i ate ice cream so tht u’ll scold me.
Bf : Stupid idiot huh I LOVE U too.. ♥ ♥ ♥


LOVE is not only a simple 4 letter word to talk…

LOVE is a belief on someone wit whom we consider as WE than U n I OUR’S than UR’S n MINE…


LOVE is pure like a BABY SMILE,fair like a FULL MOON n more like SKY…….

So if u r luvng a person, luv d person truely, completely without expecting anythng…that is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..:)