Life is not about complaining


Best message of the Month
¤ If you have Food in your
fridge, Clothes on your body, A roof
over your
head and A place 2 sleep, You’re
richer than
75% of the entire world.
¤ If you have Money in your wallet,
A little
change, And Can go anywhere you
want You
are among the top 18% of the
world’s wealthy
¤ If you are alive today with more
health than
illness, You are more blessed than
the million
people who will not survive this
week and die.
¤ If you can actually ‘READ’ this
message and
understand it, You are more
fortunate than the
billion people in the world who
cannot see,
cannot read or suffer mental
¤ Life is not about complaining pain
sorrows. It’s about a thousand
other reasons to
Thank our Creator!!