I Live in a Country where

I Live in a Country where Immediate action is taken against People protesting for some Good cause & It takes years to take action against people who have actually done the Crime

Yeah, I Live in a country where a girl gets arrested for updating a facebook status message against one Powerful person & A Country where a Person making cheap statement against all women just says “Sorry” & gets away with it..

Yeah, I live in a Country where people use any fucking logic to get likes on Facebook as if that is the soul purpose of their Life.
1 Like = 1 Salute. WTF.. Guys, If you need Attention
Please go & dance naked on the roads, you will get it for sure

Yeah, I live in a country where people change their profile picture to Black Dot to show their anger & on the other day same people like & share fake photos of the victim floating around..!!!

The thing is We want everything around us to be changed.

Be it cricket team, parliamentary structures, tax laws, salary, bosses, neighbors, education system, inflation, newspapers, eating habit, etc.

We want everything and anything to be changed, except our own lifestyles and our own character. We find faults in how others are treating girls, others are behaving, others are partying, etc.

Our restless ego is appeased whenever we abuse people in public, and even more, when gain support for those vulgar messages.

Our “Ma -Behen” abuses are always more decent that others’ “Ma – Behen” abuses, our eve teasing attempts are always more docile than others’ eve teasing attempts.

When others try to put an opinion, it a publicity stunt, but when we try to put exactly the same, its an awareness campaign. How can we impose a bias on others, until we ourselves are unclear on issues. We really need to think about it Folks.