First Lookin at you gave me pleasure

First Lookin at you gave me pleasure 🙂

Now, Lookin at you..I feel its the most difficult task 🙁

First,Hearing my name from you made me fly.

Now,It makes me Die 🙁

First, You never talked to a gal,

Now all you do is Tat.

First, You used to get angry if anyone teased you.

Now,All you do Is Smile 🙁

First ,Your smile made me mad over you.

Now,You smile but not to me which again makes me Die 🙁

However you were before,

You rocked it 🙂

Now , People think You are better.But For Me.Previous one Was “Indescribable”

I still love you,

I still want you,

I still adore you!

But Previous one was far more better <3