Emptiness Sms Msgs


The whole world says this
That life doesn’t stop if someone leaves you
But no one knows this
That one person’s emptiness can’t be filled even after having millions of relations.

“Missing you is a very small word. The extent of emptiness is felt every time the winds strike my door and I feel you passing.”

what makes some people dearer is not just the happiness that you feel when you meet them,but the emptiness you fell when they are not around….Love U :-):-)

Simple line wid gr8 meaning!
“Empty Pockets teaches million things in life.”
“Full Pockets spoil’s you in million ways.”

Heart is empty without dosti,
Mind is empty without wisdom,
Eyes r empty without dreams &Life is empty without relation,
So Alwys Be In Touch…

Life is a book of 100 pages,
First page is birth,
Last page is death,
Centre pages are empty..
You can fill
them with enjoy, smile, & happiness…..

Value of a relation is not that “how much 1 feels happy with somone” but more importantly it is “the emptyness that 1 feels without someone..