Dedicated to Girls

♥ *Dedicated to Girls* ♥

Who is a Girl?
The Most Beautiful Answer is!!

… … A Girl is The One Who Before Finding Her Love Say-
“My Love should b A Perfect Guy”
“He should Love Me More than i Do”
“He should Never Let Me Cry”
“He should Always Understand Me”

But After Finding Her Love-

“So What if He is Not Perfect Still He is Best for Me”
“So What if He Dont Love Me Unconditionally, i will Love Him”
“So What if He is Not Understanding Me, i will Understand & Adjust because I Can’t Lose Him”

That’s a Girl but Many Guys Dont Realize their Importance & Sacrifice.

Dedicated to all the Girls & all the Boys to Make them Realize How Special & Beautiful a Girl is !! 🙂