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Saying Good Bye is the most painful way

Saying Good Bye is the most painful way of solving a problem.

The Most touchy lines ever


The Most touchy lines ever said by a person who has been hurt a lot:
“SOMEMONE fooled me because i loved someone like a Fool…” :'(

I Will REMEMBER Him NOT As The One Who BROKE My Heart BUT As The One Who TAUGHT Me HOW To LIVE With Broken Heart. STILL LOVE YOU SWeeT HEART.

Kaash Ke Unhe Chahne Ka Armaan Na Hota
Main Hosh Mein Hote Huye Anjaan Na Hota
Yeh Pyaar Na Hota Kisi Patthar Dil Se Hume
Ya Koi Patthar Dil Insaan Na Hota.

A painful moment comes

A painful moment comes when u get close wid a person
…and one day the person suddenly try to avoid u
and ur heart wants to go and talk to that person
…but ur ego doesn’t allow you…!!