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I’m Committed But I’m Single

I’m Committed But I’m Single…
My Love ‘n My Faith is only for You…

In My Mind You Are the only one who Rules..
‘n I Let no one else come into my Life…

I know I’ll never Get You As Mine..
But Still My Heart ‘n Soul Waits for your Love…

I Wish You to have a Happy Life..
With Your Love…
Where You Get all Your Happiness ‘n Love..
But I Believe that None can Love You More Than Me..

I’m Committed for the World..
But For you I’m still Single..’n I’ll always Be…
Committed only towards Your Love.. !

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Like the stars in the sky

♥ Like the stars in the sky..I am calling to you.

♥ From the heavens above..I am looking for you.

♥ In the depths of my soul..I will live and breathe for you. 

♥ Sadness dwells inside you..You have nothing to fear.

♥ For I am next to you..I can feel your sadness.

♥ Let me be sad for you..So you will feel love once again.

♥ Worry not about life..Let me worry for you.

♥ You should always love life..For it is a part of you.

♥ I’ll be there when you fall..To catch you and say I LOVE YOU…!

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