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Har Haseen Mousam Ki

Har Haseen Mousam Ki
Har Haseen Barish Main
Dard Tum Jagati Ho
Bewajah Sataati Ho
Mousamoon K Lutf Ko
Tum Dard Main Bahaati Ho
Zindagi Ke Naam Say
Tum Gee Mera Jalaati Ho
Lutf K Sab He Lamhay
Yaad Main Ganwaati Ho
Har Haseen Mousam Ki
Har Haseen Barish Main
Tum Kion Itna Yaad Aati Ho ..??

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Love is painful…

Love is painful that is true not to love is painful too;

But there is a greater pain,
To love and not be loved again…….!!

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‎~ CUTE Msg‎~

Girl: If I Was In The
Hospital For A Week
How Many Times Would You
Come To See Me ?

Girl: What?
Only Once ! Why … ?

Boy: Coz
I Would Never Leave You… =) ♥

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