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You can never be “just friends”

You can never be “just friends” with somebody you used to love,
Simply because a little part of you will always love them…!

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♥ True Lover Wish!

♥ Every Boy’s Wish:
I’m not a Prince, but My Life Partner
should be a Princess.. !!

♥ True Lover Wish:
… My Life Partner may not be a Princess, but;
I Promise I’ll Treat Her Like a PRINCESS..♥

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A sweet reply by a Boy to Girl..

Girl: What will u do if I’ll get angry on u?

Boy: I’ll just take u in my arms and hug u tightly till
the warmth of my hug melts ur anger..!!! ♥

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Woh Kehte Hai Mazboor Hai Hum

Woh Kehte Hai Mazboor Hai Hum
Na Chahte Hue Bhi Door Hai Hum,
Chura Li Unhone Dhadkne Bhi Humari
Fir Bhi Woh Kehte Hai Be-kasoor Hai Hum.

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