Dear Words, Love Messages

Sumtym Little Thngs Hurt..

Sumtym Little Thngs Hurt..

No rply frm ur Luvd ones,

Laughing of Frnds at U,

Wen ur Best Frnd is Busy wid ANOTHER FRND,

Wen u want ur Frnds 2 b wid u,Bt dey Dont Hv Tym 4 u,

Wen u EXPRESS ur DEEPEST FEELINGS to sum1 Spcl, bt HE/SHE Doesnt try to undrstnd,

Wen u want To TALK TO HIM/HER, bt dey say “I AM BUSY”

Wen u dont feel sleepy at nyt n ur Bf/Gf says I’m damn sleepy…

Hw truly said- Heart is soft n can b Pinched Easily…!!