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I LOVE U too..!

Bf : How r u sweetheart ?
Gf : Not good
Bf : Why? what happened?
Gf : i have cold
Bf : what???how?
Gf : I had ice cream..
Bf : R u mad??? i had told u not to eat ice cream in this rainy season…r u crazy??
Look into my eyes what the hell u think u r??
dont u’ve brain??
u r n’t a kid
can’t u just take care of ur self???
stupid idiot

Girl smiled: hugged him n said “Love U a Lot”
Bf : watz happening here?
will u plz tell me
Gf : just luved it whenever u scold me thts why i ate ice cream so tht u’ll scold me.
Bf : Stupid idiot huh I LOVE U too.. ♥ ♥ ♥


LOVE is not only a simple 4 letter word to talk…

LOVE is a belief on someone wit whom we consider as WE than U n I OUR’S than UR’S n MINE…


LOVE is pure like a BABY SMILE,fair like a FULL MOON n more like SKY…….

So if u r luvng a person, luv d person truely, completely without expecting anythng…that is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..:)

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Mohabbat ne aaj hamko rula diya – Mohabbat ka Dard Shayari


Mohabbat ne aaj hamko rula diya,
Jis par marte rahe usi ne bhula diya,
Hum to unki yaad me aansu pite gaye,
Unhone ek din aansuo me bhi zeher mila diya.


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Do baate unse ki toh – Dil Ka Dard Shayari


Do baate unse ki toh dil ka dard kho gaya,
Logo ne humse poocha ki tumhe kya ho gaya,
Bekarar aankho se sirf hans ke reh gaye,
Ye bhi na kah sake ki hume pyar ho gaya.

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Happy Childrens Day (14th Nov.)


Time for some splashing fun Cheers n Jolly time for everyone coz its Children’s Day.

May the love n laugher always stay on
every child’s face..

Happy Childrens Day!

Desh ke Pragati ke hum hai Aadhar,
Hum karenge Chacha Nehru ke Sapne Sahakar.
Happy Children’s Day.

We are the future…
The hope for a brighter tomorrow…
We the children of the world…
Are symbols of promise…
and potential…
Happy Children’s Day!

Children Are Like A Wet Cement.
Whatever Falls On Them Makes An Impression.

“Children are the World’s most valuable resources
and its best hope for the future”
Happy Children’s Day.

Children are the image of God
Let’s celebrate the spirit of childhood on this
Children’s Day

Aaj hum khoob mauj udayenge,
Saal bhar toh aapki humni suni ,
Aaj hum baate aapko apni batayenge..
Happy Children’s Day Teacher .

Such a treasure your precious child is,
Who will thrive on every hug and kiss.
Hold them close and sing them songs,
they will only be a child for so long.
Happy Children’s Day.

Dear children!
A smile of yours can show heaven on earth.
A twinkle of your eyes can still us for ages.
Happy children’s day.
God Bless.

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