I want to be with you

I want to be with you,
But you’re millions of miles away.
I wish you would call just to ask about my day.
It would make things so much better if I could hear your voice,
I guess I can’t complain too much, it just wasn’t your choice.
You were always there for me through both the good times and the bad.
You were always there to laugh with me, or to help me when I’m sad.
It’s not that I pity you,
But I’ll admit your life’s been tough,
I just wish that physically,
I could be there when things get rough.
Down at the mall even though we had no money,
Laughing at anything and everything, yet none of it was funny.
Driving around the block, or baking things all day,
We never really ran out of things to say.
You’re locked up only a few hours away now, but it seems so far.
I wish I could be down there, where you are.
Why do two best friends you’ll ever know,
Have to be split up, because one is forced to go?
Now that we’re so far apart,
I love you even more.
Maybe we both love too much,
But, hey, that’s what friends are for.
Each time they say your name,
A tear forms in my eye,
How can I be happy,
If all I seem to do is cry?
You weren’t supposed to leave me,
This has to be a dream.
I cant accept your absence,
And take goodbye for what it means.
You left me lost and broken,
I still can’t find my way.
Months have passed real slowly,
But it’s harder every day.
I will never forget you,
Though we are far apart,
I miss you so much baby,
And love you with all my heart.

I am disturbed by the missing piece in me.

I am disturbed by the missing piece in me.
I am out of ideas to make myself okay like I promised.
I feel like am deeply wounded by the piece that has been cut out of me.
I feel speechless and out of words by the sadness that is filling me.
I miss you so much that makes my breathing hard.
I should be okay in each passing day or so I thought I would be but I missed you more that make things harder for me.
I can’t express myself, I just feel the sadness flowing in.
In my dreams you are with me, moving around me, touching me and speaking softly like the way I wanted.
But I cannot close my eyes and live in the dreams in all day long, I have to open my eyes and find you gone and feel the missing piece.
Sometimes I wish I don’t wake up from sleep because waking up is finding you are not there.
I just wanted to say that I miss you so much please don’t hold it against me, I am trying so hard not to feel this way but I just can’t, it is just the way I feel.
I am wishing that someday you give back the missing piece in me.
You are my missing piece.

I miss when you call me your baby all the time.

I miss when you call me your baby all the time.
I miss when you hold me and hug me until I say I love you.
I miss your smile that I haven’t seen in a while.
I miss that dance we made up that day you told me about romance.
I miss everything that we did.
I miss you I felt like I committed a crime when I seen you die.
I feel like I was nothing compared to you because I wish it and you command it.
I miss when you said I’ll do anything for you and then you ask me do you love me,
Yes I do remember (Sept. 1st) the first day of of school everyone was
embarrass to see me with you.
I was sad I was mad but I didn’t want you to die.
I’m sorry the words I told you were a lie.
I miss when you say I love you.

The 5 Toughest Questions a Woman Can Ask a Man

The 5 Toughest Questions a Woman Can Ask a Man


The questions are:

  • What are you thinking about?
  • Do you love me?
  • Do I look fat?
  • Do you think she is prettier than me?
  • What would you do if I died?

What makes these questions so difficult is that every one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument if the man answers incorrectly (i.e tells the truth). Therefore, as a public service, each question is analyzed below, along with possible responses.

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Question # 1: What are you thinking about?

The proper answer to this, of course, is: “I’m sorry if I’ve been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you.” This response obviously bears no resemblance to the true answer, which most likely is one of the following:

How fat you are.
How much prettier she is than you.
How I would spend the insurance money if you died.

Question # 2: Do you love me?

The proper response is: “YES!” or, if you feel a more detailed answer is in order, “Yes, dear.” Inappropriate responses include:

I suppose so.
Would it make you feel better if I said yes?
That depends on what you mean by love.
Does it matter?
Who, me?

Question # 3: Do I look fat?

The correct answer is an emphatic: “Of course not!” Among the incorrect answers are:

Compared to what?
I wouldn’t call you fat, but you’re not exactly thin.
A little extra weight looks good on you.
I’ve seen fatter.
Could you repeat the question? I was just thinking about how I would spend the insurance money if you died.

Question # 4: Do you think she’s prettier than me?

Once again, the proper response is an emphatic: “Of course not!” Incorrect responses include:

Yes, but you have a better personality
Not prettier, but definitely thinner
Not as pretty as you, when you were her age
Define ‘pretty’
Could you repeat the question? I was just thinking about how I would spend the insurance money if you died.

Question #5: What would you do if I died?

A definite no-win question. (The real answer, or course, is “Buy a Corvette.”)

No matter how you answer this, be prepared for at least an hour of follow-up questions, usually along the these lines:


She….Would you get married again?

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He…..Definitely not!

She….Why not – don’t you like being married?

He…..Of course I do.

She….Then why wouldn’t you remarry?

He…..Okay, I’d get married again.

She….You would? (With a hurtful look on her face)

He…..Yes, I would.

She….Would you sleep with her in our bed?

He…..Where else would we sleep?

She….Would you put away my pictures, and replace them with pictures of her?

He…..That would seem like the proper thing to do.

She….And would you let her use my golf clubs?

He…..She can’t use them; she’s left-handed.