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When I see you, the World stops

When I see you, the World stops.
It stops and all that exists for me is you
and my eyes staring at you.
There’s nothing else.
No noise, no other people,
no thoughts or worries,
no yesterday, no tomorrow.
The World just stops, and it is a beautiful place,
and there is only you ♥

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When a small kid hits u

The most angry moment:
When a small kid hits u,
widout ny reason, in front of his mom,
n u can’t do nything bt smile n say
How cute baby :D

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On a silent night

when friends are few , I close my eyes and think of you, A silent night, A silent tear, A silent wish that you were here … ♥

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Sardar- Beta 3 Bister Kyu Lagaye

Sardar- Beta 3 Bister Kyu Lagaye
Son- Ghar Pe 3 Guest Aane Hain
Santa- Kon?
Beta-Nani Ka Beta, Mumy Ka Bhai Or Mera Mama
Sardar-Fir 1 Or Laga Mera Sala bhi aa rha hai

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